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 Short Stories


The Chinese Interpreter

Hazard Press


ISBN: 0-908790-56-2  
James Norcliffe's experiences while teaching English at Nankai University, Tianjin, People’s Republic of China, form the basis of this literary work, The Chinese Interpreter and other stories. An illuminating collection of short stories, it examines the many faces China proffers to Western visitors and the effect China has on foreigners who visit or work there and who must come to grips with China’s many mysteries.


The Chinese Interpreter examines many facets of Chinese culture and in so doing allows an increased understanding of China and also of Western culture. Many of the stories in The Chinese Interpreter have been published in local journals and two have won major literary awards: ‘Holden’s Red Hunting Cap’ won the PEN Lilian Ida Smith Award, and ‘Donkey’s Years’ has won the Friends of the Dunedin Library Centennial Award.

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