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The Frog Prince

As noted in the previous post, we have a date for the release of The Frog Prince: 1 February 2022.

Here is the cover and back cover blurb:

Why did the princess throw the frog against the wall? A novel about a disappearance, searching for love and the power of stories.

A disappearance. An infatuation. The Frog Prince is an intriguing, multi-layered novel giving us a story, within a story, within a story.

Remember the kiss between the frog prince and the princess? What about the part where the princess angrily flings the frog against the wall?

What was that about?

At an international school in France, the young teacher Cara writes her own version of the classic tale by the Brothers Grimm. Their fairy tale is nothing like Cara’s relationship with David, but when Cara disappears, can the story help David unravel what has happened?

As for the various princesses and frogs in this intriguing multi-layered novel, will any live happily ever after?

This is a stunning debut adult novel by James Norcliffe, who is renowned for his award-winning children’s books and for his poems, which David Eggleton says ‘invariably get us to attend more closely to the spirit of existence, to moments of being’.

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